Our Company

Sewell Fine Portraiture, LLC, (“SFP”) based in New York City, was established to advance the traditions and standards of fine portraiture and sculpture. Its artists consist of a select number of the world’s finest portrait painters and sculptors, each having a distinct style. Whether they strive for photographic realism or a more impressionistic approach, they go beyond a mere likeness in a portrait to capture the inner essence of their subjects and create a true work of art.

SFP is dedicated to providing the highest level of expertise for portrait projects, from artist selection to final unveiling. Options include choice of medium, sittings, composition, framing, nameplates, unveiling, display and lighting. Although artist selection is the most important aspect, it is essential to understand the significance of combining all of the other elements in producing the desired result.

The company continuously searches for artistic talent. Its roster also includes several new artists who have taken the traditions of the great master artists and built a style uniquely of their own.

SFP invites you to read in further detail about the portrait process, and to browse through our selection of portraits so that you may discover the richness and diversity in the work of its artists.

About Ms. Jasmine Cunha Sewell >>

Our Artists have painted:

  • Royalty
  • Presidents
  • Cabinet Secretaries
  • Members of Congress
  • Military Leaders
  • Governors
  • Leaders of Finance & Industry
  • Academics
  • Medical Leaders