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The overall portrait process generally takes between three and nine months, but will vary depending on several factors, the most important of which is artist selection. A brief outline of the process, during which SFP offers expert guidance from beginning to end, is as follows: 

  • Artist Selection: One or more meetings will be held between Sewell Fine Portraiture, LLC and the client, or, extensive presentations will be prepared and sent to the client in order to select the most appropriate artist. Important factors influencing this decision will be the subject of the portrait, purpose, style, medium, size, deadline and budget. 

  • Initial Consultation with the Artist: This first meeting typically takes place in the client’s own surroundings. This enables the artist to acquire a more personal understanding of his subject. The artist will seek to understand details of the project including, but not limited to, overall character of the portrait, level of formality, size and display location. With a posthumous portrait, the artist must have as many photographs as possible of his subject, as well as access to those who knew the subject well. 

  • First Sitting: For many artists, this involves having the subject pose for two to three hours. At this time, the artist will take photographs, make color notes and paint a head study. Some artists work solely from life and will spend a few hours each day during approximately a week’s time, after which the portrait will essentially be complete. 

  • Consultation on Final Composition:  Based on a thorough study of the artist’s photographs and/or sketches rendered, the client and artist together will decide on the best pose and composition for the portrait. 

  • Final Sitting:  At the portrait’s final stages, some artists may require an additional sitting to make color adjustments as well as any other changes deemed necessary. 

  • Framing: SFP has in-depth experience in working with the most respected framers. Choices include antique and period frames as well as authentic handcrafted reproduction frames. A visit by the client to the framers accompanied by one of the experts of SFP may be necessary. 

  • Nameplates: SFP can arrange for hand-painted gold, brass or carved glass nameplates or plaques. 

  • Unveiling:  The Company will organize all formal unveilings including necessary materials. 

  • Display: The Company will advise on the best locations for display, fastening devices and most importantly the lighting.

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